Friday, September 20, 2013

Ready to Rev: bring on Branson!

REV3 BRANSON!  It's technically a new race, but I already have ties to it.

I went to the race as a spectator/ support crew member 2 years ago, back when it was 70.3 Branson.  It was a week after my "A" triathlon that year, and I was still building run mileage for my first open marathon that October.  Things worked out pretty perfectly back then for me with the race's two transition areas-- T1 at Table Rock Lake and T2 downtown at Branson Landing--  I got to watch the swim and transition, did my 15 mile run from T1 to T2 (with an extended cheering stop by the bike turnaround on the Ozark Mountain High Road) and then hopped around on the run.  The bike route was gorgeous and hilly, and made me pretty jealous of everyone racing (I was much less jealous 2 hours later, when the skies opened up and let out a downpour during the run).

"Waiting for a ride in the dark"- Branson Ducks for race morning transportation

I was SO excited to hear about Rev3 taking over the race this year, and knew I absolutely had to try it myself.  So I'll be attempting to tear it up in the Half Rev on Sunday- wish me luck (I might need it on this course)!  I'm also ~85% sure that it will be my last tri of the season (last tri of the season, not last race of the season...), so even more reason to leave it all out there.

Race day tracking will be available here.  I'll be off and swimming at 7:20 a.m. CDT.

Short and sweet post this time (lucky you)- I've got to finish packing! :)

looking towards downtown from the western part of the 76/ Country Blvd.

Branson is a kind of quirky tourtist town- reminiscent of Wiscsonsin Dells to me, but a little bit more "out there"

case in point

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  1. Good luck! From the few pics you posted I've concluded Branson is the WI Dells of the south.