Wednesday, July 3, 2013

South Dakota in (Mostly) Pictures

Well, I'm back from a pretty epic road trip to Rapid City to work with a colleague at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.  Research went well, motivation is high, and the training environment (as least for cycling/running) was excellent to boot.  The Black Hills are an amazing place for an outdoorsy person who is into earth science.  I finally sprang for a new camera charger while I was there (after about 10 months of vainly hoping mine would materialize), so I have some nice photos to share trip highlights in addition to a few questionable quality phone pictures. Enjoy!

- Driving past the Badlands during the foggy sunrise.
little camera phone working its hardest here

- Double-takes at most corners in downtown Rapid City due to the "City of Presidents" sculptures.
Hello, John Adams.

-Hiding from a giant thunderstorm, complete with pebble-sized hail, in Deadwood.

- Some wild west history above Deadwood.

- Sunset run on the Mickelson Trail.
I saw a very small piece of it... it's 109 miles long!

-That night I got really lost on gravel roads without cell service and ended up a mile from Wyoming.
My handwritten directions said to follow Rochford Rd. south.  Come on.
  Clearly this was intended to mess with tourists.

- Miles and miles of gorgeous roads to ride on.

And just look at those rocks!
The exception that proves the rule.  Guess which way my directions had me going?
The sign at far left says "Motorcycles use extreme caution." This was a fun bike descent.

- Roadside geology stops.
folding in the Minnekahta limestone near Hot Springs

- Cave tour at Wind Cave National Park
It was hard to pry me out of there.  I took the Natural Entrance Tour, but I'll have to go back some day to take the others- particularly the Wild Cave Tour (the only actual public caving tour).

- Shamelessly touristy stops.
Wall Drug.  Enough said.

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